Wednesday, 5 October 2011

When War Was Over...

The war was almost over ..There was a mysterious wave of silence settling down from the clouds of smoke over head…the ground was haunted with the shadows of death bathed in rotten flesh and blood. The wicked weapons were breathing their lasts as their nozzles were oozing out the filth of gun powder and smoke..getting mixed up with the bruised face of muddy Earth beneath them…..The great uniforms ..symbolizing the prestige of martyrdom were ripped and torn like the honour of the country they fought for…The shoes were finally free of the heavy burdens of responsibility, having been marching inside them and leading them to their final abode of disaster…..All eyes in the sockets of hollowness were blind and all tongues in the cavity of dry mouths were quiet…forever…..!

All slogans of victory and defeat were rendered mute and meaningless ……
High above the opaque belt of fowl-smelling smoke was another battle going on….It was amongst the souls of all passed away soldiers who died for their countries .They all were protesting before God for rewards for their faithfulness and determinations blaming eachothers . They all were pleading for the ‘Title Of Martyrdom’ for their sincere efforts and sacrifices….!

They all were demanding..... Heaven!

God was so annoyed and confused about making a decision, like He would never had experienced such a turmoil, before. He never changed His laws for anyone and was really skeptical about taking any action which might be an action of ‘Justice’ for both parties…..Should He be creating a separate Heaven for either of the parties or should He divide His ‘Only Heaven’ for the sake of Justice. …

While God was fighting back His state of confusion…a very large group of souls arrived…The crowd was full of souls of infants , toddlers, teens, youngsters, women and elderly…They wanted to ask just one question to God but God was paying no attention to them because of His business in an important state affair... which was taking all His precious time and energy…
All angels were watching the mob keeping their mouths.. shut! They all knew it was none of their business to meddle with.They could never forget what happened to their boss angel, ‘Iblis‘, long time ago, when God created the first man and He insisted all the angels to prostrate before His ‘Masterpiece-The Man‘….Iblis refused and in his punishment was expelled forever having been titled as ‘Satan-The-Rebellious’ . They often used to become very puzzled .though, whenever they had tried to find the reason of……..What was Iblis’s fault..!!!! Was it because he refused to prostrate before any one else beside God …or he just called the most dear creation of God, ‘Man-The -Transgressor’……..‘a bad word’ …indeed!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, a women’s soul who died young with her unborn child in her womb…stepped forward .God over-looked at first but then due to His never-changing Merciful nature took mercy and allowed her to come near…The woman became so scared that she felt a wave of tremor passing through her whole being…..

Then very carefully she opened her shiny mouth and uttered: O Lord of Heavens, I represent the whole mob standing behind me. We all expect mercy from you.”
“What mercy you seek, O woman” God asked softly
“My Lord we all are victims of the war these soldiers fought ..we want to ask you.....whatwas our fault…what was the fault of the all unborn souls…who could n‘t take their first breath …in the freshness of your Earth you created for all of us as a ‘Home‘….what would you decide for us now…..we have been watching and waiting for so long…!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

God could not reply..

God is still thinking..while all the angels are watching faces of one another!

(When the 'War' was over.....there was ....'Peace'....all around the place! ....'however'.....'.they say'........!)


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