Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Life Was So Lovely!

Life was so lively , she almost danced on the melody of truth surrounding her. Her earthly body shined under the radiance of golden sun rays like a heavenly realm. Her long hair were falling down like the cascade of pure water with each droplet shining with the clarity of faith. Her dress was simple and elegant , stitched with the sensitivity of a somber soul. Her feet were bare, to keep her in touch with surety of her existence. Her beautiful face was glowing with the confidence of nature and her wide eyes were glimmering with the hopes and dreams. Her head was held high with her self-esteem ,with a slight bend of humility in her slender neck. Her hands were full of flowers of ‘Present ‘carrying the seeds of ‘Tomorrow’.

She was so cheerful and contented that merry tunes never left her delicate lips coated with the sweetness of speech.

She used to live in a small cottage made of wood and straw and used to eat very simple food. Every time she had to go far ,she used to mark her route back to her dwelling.

One day she lost her way back to her home and was found by a 'Devil' disguised like a princely figure as he appeared from behind a tree. He offered to help her find her home again. Life was such a simpleton and naive, she trusted him blindly…for the sake of her ‘home’!

Devil was no one else but a wolf in sheep clothing. He kept deluding her mind with his false stories and fascinations. Life was only but a malleable being. She had never experienced persuasions and seductions before. She got trapped in the glittering net which was not gold.

Devil was an apt conjurer. Through his evil power he succeeded in tempting poor Life to the world of falsehood.

Life was gone astray!

She braided her hair with the jewels and all the droplets of water dried out. She dressed herself into the most expensive and attractive clothing she could have.

She started wearing shoes too!

Her head became higher and her neck stiffer. She started carrying metal coins in her hand instead of flowers!

After some time she forgot about reaching old home ,at all, and preferred to remain lost in the world of delusion of 'high-rise' monument.

The fragrance of her dreams faded away and her head became polluted with smoke. The freshness of her hair was gone forever and they looked dusty and gray. Her eyes looked stony and hopeless and her skin became pale. She remained fearful and hardly smiled.

Life became so obsessed with her ‘life-style’ that she forgot caring about her ‘home‘.

Life is still living with the ' Devil', the illusionist!


Life.... is Faithless….!

Life Homeless.......!!


'Life'...... is so 'Lifeless'……!!! 


Dedicated to Mother Nature

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