Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Scarecrow

It was standing in the middle of a small crop field ….on its own…Since one knew. It seemed it was there ever since….and would remain there…for ever..! Who put it there? No one knew exactly .The family which owned it…. found it there before they actually took notice  of it.

It was antique and ancestral ..perhaps. The farmer never tried to explore its ancestry either . He was only concerned with its presence there. It might had had some remnants and clues of the ages it had been through,…..still stuck beneath its fragile body made of old cotton, rotten straw and some left-over ego… yet its outlook kept changing like fashion, with time and circumstances.

Especially theweird looking hat….. , bruised like the skin of a soldier ,had many holes for sunshine and rain to pour in its straw-stuffed head which would yeild some repelling, weird smell spilling out the holes, all the 
times. It was not able to think, had never been.Even though how hard had it been trying to scare them away , yet the spirits of thought always kept haunting its hat.....not brain…just like the down feathers of different birds  trying to build in the nests under its hat….It was actually meant to scare-away the birds too…wasn't it.....including crows..of-course…What was its name again…oh yah..'Scarecrow'…So who gave this weird name to it….no one remembered...... either!

Farmer’s wife was kind enough to dress it up in best clothes to give it a genuine look, yet it never looked enough ‘scary’ to  serve the purpose. Then one day she decided to wrap it with an old worn-out  crochet shawl of her deceased mother and stitched in some bizarre shapes along with it, to add some flare to its misery.. Their kids never liked the Scarecrow as it always looked sad and tired with the burden of its endless duty  and had never played with them. The kids however always became interested in touching everything bizarre, attached to it.....

The Scarecrow was absolutely blind, dumb and deaf, but it could feel the ‘touch’ and could tell the difference of ‘kind’ and ‘unkind’ .….like …dislike …(it liked the Crochet Shawl very much)...........and..... especially the anger!

 It could surely tell the difference between the cold and warm breeze …the drizzle and the shower…..It could smell the fragrances of the day and night….though could never see, touch  or hear them….

One night,  it was dark and stormy and the farmer family was confined to  their home. The scarecrow was standing alone in their field trying to think... again. No it was never scared of the nights or of being alone, at the fear had never touched it. While it was pushing itself hard….a thrust of  strong wind  pushed it  down on the ground. It fell on its face as if it was trying to prostrate.... before nothing. The soil underneath it filled up its mouth and for the first time it tasted the truth of its being through it. The truth opened its mind and it started thinking automatically. That night it slept with its eyes closed and dreamed about the beautiful days to come…

When the day broke, and the farmer pulled its muddy self up the ground , it was still sleeping…It managed to stand still again with the help of its new ego ..while it was shaking from inside.....

It didn't want to open its eyes….but when it did, it could feel a flash of light being flooded into its , trembling ,husky  lids. It could see the world!

When the birds came near , it could hear their gossip against it  and the family of the farmer. It enjoyed it a lot!

No one knew, how happy was the Scarecrow since then.

Ever since,sometimes, the Scarecrow talks to  the nature and its own self, but never tells its secret to anyone else.
The  Scarecrow never tells anyone that at nights.... it too..... get  scared......sometimes…………………


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