Sunday, 16 October 2011

Human Remains

The human remains were found  near a large water body besides the woods. They all were immediately drawn towards the muddy puddle stinking like the human wastes as their nostrils were sensitive for such smells. They were the experts of an international investigation team, which was generally meant to explore the causes and effects of different natural disasters of their own planet happening since the arrival of the first human on the earth.

They all were eminent spectators, reporter, narrators of all the happenings discovered and undiscovered, told, untold and retold.

They all were great admirers of happenings and of  each other for their only source of living was living on eachother….!

They all were struggling to survive in the land of their own laws and orders. They all had beated many theories of past, present and future including the best known theory of the survival of the fittest. They all were followers of some kind of ‘ism’, if not Darwinism, necessarily, yet they all claimed to hate Idolism.

So it could be self-ism, quite a new introduction , in terms of the philosophical perceptions, to actually look into the mirror of selfish desire they all hold to themselves, while picturing others. It satisfied  the hollowness of the statues of their own egos.

They all were Godless and were making others scared of God (s)….!
They all were sinful, yet they were counting other’s sins….!!


They all were very well equipped with modern facilities and tacts and knew, when, why, where and how to prey upon the current affairs, like greedy vultures, looking for the suffering, dying, and the dead. of-course.

They always had been helping them to suffer and die in a better way, according to their own perspectives.

Their stomachs were filled with fast and the junk food and their mouths were acidic due to reflexes holding their own vomits. Everything that went , had went and came out making the unholy, un holier! It was the matter of what went in, actually went in their stomachs for centuries and had been coming out from the single orifice.

 They all were zombies without hearts and  no brains., clones and copies of each other!

They were very fond of darkness , horror, terror and torture and the humor in all of them, yet they were great supporters of all kind of indecencies and terrorism. It was a fetish for the sadist of modern age.,

The modern age was equally primitive in hunting , living or dead, in their ways of burring people alive or digging their graves, dishonoring the dead and their remains, identifying, preserving them in the Museums of their Muses for inspirations, only.


No they couldn’t feed the hungry…
No they were not clothing the cloth less…
No they were not sheltering the homeless

Food , Clothes, Shelter…!!!

The questions were roaming like wanderers everywhere in the streets of modern age.

They wanted to help the victims of natural disaster , only to rule them and make them guilty, or in hope to
to use them for their own selfish purposes. They all were fake like their legends and movies acted by  and played by shameless celebrities hungry of riches and fame.

They were sparing their surplus pennies, time, tongues and pens to satisfy their own frustrations, knowing their efforts were not even helping them, nor they could change the fate of the planet they had occupied.

Their thoughts were space-bound with no oxygen and their intentions were decaying in their own graves, yet they were putting all the blames on other for self-relief.

They all were in competition with each other and their own selves in order to put robotic smiles on their faces,  defiling anyone who happen to come in their way and were ever-ready to be an accomplice when required!


When they approached the remains, and started their most wanted adventure, they all were extremely excited.

They could see a body, brutally  smothered by the beasts.

 It was hard to identify and distinguish the source of the cause and effect. It wasn’t clear whether the body was attacked by the humans or the beasts of the jungle, as each and every inch of the body was telling  a different story. Their were gentle bruises by the generous, some deep by the cruel , lusty and the revengeful. Yet…dishonoring caresses, licks , bites and cuts were without any marks of finger prints, of hands, paws and claws.  It was hard to tell anything without autopsy!

They looked at each other and passed smiles at the same time assuring themselves that at least they hadn’t done it

They all started collecting samples to satisfy their curiosities, as if they wanted to snatch away everything left behind in order to prolong their enjoyment, as they had never found such a vulnerable and helpless case in the history of their nations.


The only thing that was obvious  because of the strands of hair, was, that the body belonged to the delicate gender, who could be a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife or a friend. But certainly was the culprit who might had invited all the corruption and the chaos, patiently and willingly, because of her straightforwardness, causing the main effect and the cause of  the creation of such world around her, just like the first woman.


The remains were  really ancient,  and according to the carbon dating , they should have been fossilized .
 While on the contrary, they were  miraculously preserved as everything was swelling raw and fresh.

The only proof of them being ancient was , there was not a single piece of cloth nearby to cover them. It was all eaten up by the hungry attackers, also, including some in  their so-called rescuing attempts.

The sight was equally  entertaining  for both genders of deep insight. Not a single one dared or wanted to cover  the chewed flesh and bones  either, as the remains wee not related to them. They all were by-standers smiling and laughing  as much as they could.

“She must have been really a brainless case, just like a puppet“ One suggested (wishing why couldn‘t he have one like her!).  All agreed ( wishing the same…in future..) started exploring the remnants of skull. Yes there was no brain, for the Brain that can never disintegrate  was  for the ‘shrewd’ and the ‘cunning‘, only…!

They all became very eager to find the Heart, that could serve as a ‘black box’ to provide more clues, they were wanting desperately to build their castles of lies for their survival in their darkened worlds…but there was no sign of heart either…for heart is all but TRUST…and it was gone forever!


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