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Muhammad Was A Message OF Mercy

It was pitch dark inside the cave. He could hardly see anything around him, but he was not scared of dark. He had been coming there quite often to meditate in solitude. Meditation that brings light inside the darkness of souls. A soul which always is in a constant search of one true God.
He had already lived forty years in that land.
His land called Mecca was situated in a small Peninsula , Arabia, swarming with Gods of wood and stone and their followers with loaded egos. Every year people from all around the place were also invited to bring more Gods to add to the charm of kabah , the Cube, once erected by a foreigner to the land of Arabia, named Abrahim, on command of his Only God, he submitted to. It was the very place where his wife Hajr and baby Ismail were tested for their trust in God.
The sky of Mecca once glew with sacrifices of the early inhabitants. The land preserved the traces of struggle of Hajr between the hills of Safa and Marva. The land retained the memories of tears of baby Ismail in form of an ever-flowing spring called Zam-Zam.
Then the Rivers of years flew past and sky of Mecca became clouded with the dust of by-gones, and their memories got buried under the dryness of the desert.
Passing time multiplied the kinds of Gods and the ways of worship. The ignorance took away all wisdom from the deluded minds sophisticatedly wrapped in the highly evolved linguistic standards.
The Jealousy and Hatred sprouted form the false faith made them worst kind of enemies ,on the face of the Earth. All they knew was to kill each other on account of minor differences and disputes. They were wilder than the animals, and had never known or cared about any human trainer in their history.
They were ready to cut the chains of all relationships for revenge and retributions in their competitions, a well-established ‘chain-reaction’. They never knew what forgiveness and mercy meant.
They mastered their skills as warriors while being sunken into the depth of inhumanity. They held their collars high up while buryng their new-born daughters alive., regarded as a symbol of disgrace. They molested the honour of surviving females like the male beasts, in any presumable manner.
They used to drink extensively and gamble a lot. Either they loved to get dressed in expensive clothes or go naked in public or while worshipping around the Kabah.
Last but not the least they were very prejudiced about their shameful traditions.
He had been amongst them for forty years., yet how different was he…His humanity and humility was the boon of his orphan hood. His shame and modesty was the boon of him being the only child. His innocence and straightness was the boon that he never had any formal education in his life. His honesty and truth was the boon of Abrahimic blood running in his body. His dignity and morality was the boon of being belonging to a respectable Chieftain of Mecca. But his reclination from the flase Gods and his inclinition towards One God was the boon of God Almighty ,Himself!
The year he was born was a year of an extraordinary happening, when a neighboring ruler attempted to demolish the single surviving symbol of Abrahimic faith , the kabah -the house of One God-the house of World Peace,.All the elephant riders -the sent attackers, were attacked by the flocks of small birds with small pebbles in their beaks and were killed, mysteriously.
They all celebrated it, yet couldn’t understand the Sign of God , hidden in the event.
The blinded Arabs lacked the insight to reach the meanings of anything inspite of their high standard of in-formal literacy which was poetry , basically. They used to be very busy in their daily fun, feasts and fights., of-course. They could never recognize a meek , quiet and shy child, or a honest and truthful youngman, who married a woman much older than him as a revolutionist.
He was not anything like them.A man whose priority was to serve the mankind, his kins, neighbors and strangers., poor and the helpless.A man in his middle age, later, whose interest was to sit in solitude and pray!
So it was pitch dark inside the cave when he saw a ray of bright light, turned into an angel. The Angel spoke in his language.
The Angel told him.
“I can’t read”. He replied
“ Read in the name of your Lord Who created.”
“He created man from a clot.”
“Read and your Lord is Most Honorable,”
“Who taught (to write) with the pen”
“Taught man what he knew not.”
Then he recited everything he was told, trembling and sweating.
He could never believe what he was told…..He was a Messenger of God.
When he reached home, his wife wrapped him I a blanket and assured him that nothing had gone wrong. Why should he be scared, when he had never done anything wrong. God who had chosen him would never leave him alone.
People who already ‘Knew’ him, believed in him and embraced his message, immediately. However they all paid a huge price of accepting the truth of one God and rejecting the whole population of false gods. They were tortured and humiliated. The history recorded the worst kind of inhumanity on Earth, during those days because of those habitual cruel.
The Chieftain was approached to stop him from spreading his message. They offered him high position, wealth and women, but he replied, that he would not retract , even if the sun and moon would be placed in his hands.
His patience and perseverance became a unique example of the history.
One night when his enemies finally planned to kill him , he was commanded by the God to migrate to Medina (Yasrub), where he and his followers set up a unique example of true brotherhood.
His enemies could never let him get away with what they considered rebelliousness, from Gods. As their Gods became small in stature before One God and became ‘gods‘.
They planned a secret attack on all of them. God commanded him to fight in defence, in the name of God and his religion and for the sake of early followers , a token of the revival of Abrahimic faith.
They fought and the angel fought with them. The enemies were defeated.
Preceding battles were fought on defensive accounts because of stubborn Arabs, who were trying there best to eradicated the new faith offending the religions of their for-fathers.
All they knew was to ‘fight’ for right or wrong.
Still the total number of the casualities remained around a thousand. Captives of the wars were treated kindly and were freed.
Later they signed a Peace Treaty but Arab enemies were habitual transgressors.They always violated.
They kept on harassing early followers and kept trying to block their way back home, until God commanded him to migrate back to Mecca, their home.
About ten thousand of them marched back to Mecca, praising to One God, only. Not a single drop of blood was shed and the Mecca was conquered once for all. All Meccans were pardoned, immediately.
Finally he gave his final address at the time of Pilgrimage and reminded his followers about the accomplishment of the task given to him by the God .and gave them the news of his departure in near future.
That was the day he reminded them that the Truth has been distinguished from Falshood,forever and for everyone who cares.
The essensce of his address was …There’s no compulsion in accepting it. Everyone is free and no-one is under the rule of any other human.They have right s and duties, only, towards each other. No one is superior to anyone on account of gender, color, race God’s eyes but the one who’s best in conduct.
He breathed his last sometime, after ,but the Truth he brought to the world can never die…..!
That man was Muhammad .
He was not a killer.
He was the Mercy to the Mankind.


Dedicted to: Muhammad (S)
21:107 And WE have not sent thee but as a mercy for all peoples.

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