Thursday, 6 October 2011

When The Nature Was Adopted

When the ‘Nature’ was adopted by the two ‘Un-Natural ‘parents , she was only a child. A child who is always pure just like Nature itself. The Nature which is the Law given to every souls created in Heaven. Soul which is light and free of all burdens and the opacity of the darkness  called sin.
She was pretty like the innocence always is... Her spot-less skin was as clean as her soul. The inner light was brightening her  outer and encircling her head full of juvenile thoughts .Her curly blond hair was always caressed by the invisible winds of heaven. Her grey-blue eyes were clear like the sky of a bright day with   clouds  of angelic visions floating far and wide. Her heart was beating a rhythms of  truth and generating the pulses of sweet harmony. Her mouth had the holiness and  sweetness  of the simplicity.

She was a little angelic butterfly ready to take her wings out of the chrysalis of eternal beauty! Her little hands and feet enclosing the fluid of righteousness circulating inside ……

Although she was living in a society , with so-called modern standards accepted  in it, yet there was an atmosphere of unsure insecurity and doubts everywhere.

Their family was somewhat different from the rest of the families she happened to meet …but she could never figure it out until she reached her early teen….when the changes brought in her inner world changed the meanings of her outer world, altogether.

She was really uncomfortable. ..She felt as if she was really missing something…. ..A home…or something ‘homely’….

She remembered the mumbles and the giggles of her  fellows….all around…and was trying to understand the meanings of such noises….When she finally did…she suddenly felt that she was not there….she felt like  as if she was thousands of years old… ancient being……who was being preserved  and mummified with the false ointments of dual standards of the new world….but she was not alive…..anymore….

Upon realization…she never felt like going out with her parents …anymore…and one day she gathered her courage to ask just one question to her ‘Un-Natural’ parents…

“Why did you adopt me?”

The question bounced the ear-drums…the walls and the egos in a dark bed-room….then haunted it for ever…like echo!

The very question is still roaming around the  world , ever since, and has escaped its periphery….rotating in all the orbits of existences….

Humans have tried to change everything but they couldn’t change the Nature , yet. They have tried to make every physical law , submit before them..but couldn’t make the Law Of Nature submit yet…They have tried their very best to play Gods yet they couldn’t make the God OF The Universe submit to them…

The God who created the Laws of Nature and created Humans according to the Natural Law..and had started this beautiful world with a creation of a Man…… and his Wife…………!


Dedicated to the natural laws

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