Wednesday, 5 October 2011

All Quiet @....

This is a story about a war amongst many religions of the world  which used to quarrel with each other.. a lot..So much so ..that ‘Quarreling ‘became their habit and they all couldn’t live without it….

Once  when a religious war broke out, they all sent their Leaders and Scholars to fight for the sake of their religion…While all the Leaders and Scholars were fighting like true Soldiers, ‘ordinary’ people kept quiet…..Actually those ordinary people were never allowed to speak….because Leaders and Scholars always doubted the wisdom of ordinary followers. They always feared that ordinary people would definitely spoil the ‘Images’ of their religions which was like a ‘Taboo’ for them. They could never..ever let the utter a single word without an approval of the leaders and scholars of the respective religion.

So I was telling you about a story about  a war amongst the religions  which became a never-ending story….

All the ordinary followers of the religion were really annoyed and fed up..Their lives were so upset because of those religious wars that they sometimes thought they should have left the religion alone…. and should become Athiest ……as it was hard to act upon the teachings of religions which were becoming too complicated for them to follow ..ever their religions were taken-over by the Leaders and  the Scholars…That was the only reason that all  ordinary people preferred to remain indifferent..and let all the Leaders and Scholars fight with each other…for the sake of religions…which was non of their business to meddle with….

Ordinary people already knew that their Leaders and Scholars also keep fighting with each other , secretly and openly….and their had been a lot of blood-Shed because  of such Hatred…Actually they could never know how to love each other .in spite of their difference…But they were sure when these Leaders and Scholars  have to fight with a different religions , they all become ‘United’ for the sake of the ‘Victory’ of their religion…….

So I was telling you a story about a religious war that broke out..and it became a never-ending story…..

God was watching quietly  and was thinking hard…that… was it that all the religions were created for!…to bring destruction on His beloved Earth…or religions were suppose to bring ‘Peace on Earth‘…He already knew and had tried many different ways of  punishment and destruction  which had proven not to be so worth-while…

Finally,God decided to send all the ‘Founders’ of every and every  religion ..back to earth and  settle the disputes of  religions..

So all Founders of the religions met the Leaders and Scholars who were fighting for the respective religion and reminded them of their ‘Qriginal Messages’. Some Founders showed  a dislike on starting a new religion after their names and reserved their rights to remain ‘neutral’ in their opinions.

When all Founders were talking to the Leaders and Scholars, ordinary people were listening carefully and diligently.  All were looking at each other faces and smiling…to find about the’ Truth ‘of all ‘Teachings’ which was Same for all the Religions. They were telling them that the Teachings  were very ‘Simple’ to follow as those for  all ordinary people ..called ‘Humans……

.After sometime,,all the ordinary people joined together and began protesting against the war..with a slogan of ‘Humanity ‘ holding up the banners of “ Humility’ in their hands…

No sooner when God called all the Founders back in Heaven, ..than, all the Leaders and Scholars surrendered  quietly and peacefully……t

They all were ‘Quiet’ at the ‘Humanitarian Front“…………………..!

Dedicated to the Humanity

5:16 With it, GOD guides those who seek His approval. He guides them to the paths of peace, leads them out of darkness into the light by His leave, and guides them in a straight path.

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