Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Purpose

A young drop was too scared to jump down the cloud. It never wanted to leave its comfortable home, surrounding it like a comforter .It was very well-cushioned inside its dwelling, and wanted to remain happy and hearty inside it.

.The drop had many drops in the neighborhood as it was very fond of making friends…some younger some older …some very old….!

Well …the tiny drops were very innocent … and never bothered to think  about what was going around. All they wanted was…. to play all day …like small kids and sing sweet songs….without paying attention to the lyrics…

All older drops were in good health…but they were very lazy….All they wanted  was …to stay where they were..just like some middle-aged people watching TV with a bowl of popcorns in their laps.

Very old drops were very tired and somewhat stubborn to leave the chair they used to rock in…listening to old tunes harped by the old Radios of 1901.5 …like their old traditions…keeping.. hard-covered ….heavy books in hands. Just like their burdened …old souls…

Only sometimes when young drops used to get some free-time, those old drops used to tell them stories of bravery and courage of their ancestors. They wanted to encourage the young drops to try to find of purpose in their lives.

The grand-drop of the very young drop we are talking about  was known to be  the best  story-teller in town., but it could never reach the meanings of the morals of the stories, itself!

One day the grand-drop called the young drop who was very busy chatting with its friends. And told the story of a drop which was very scared of jumping down the  cloud it dwelled in, but as it never wanted to be turned into  a mist and be lost in the invisible pages of history, it gathered its courage and jumped down try its fate.

While the drop was falling down , an oyster opened itself up and trapped the drop inside it. After sometime the drop turned into a n exuberant pearl with the sheen of truth emitting from its body. The drop got preserved on the pages of history …forever…..

While young drop was lending its ears to the story of grand-drop, its heart  started glowing with the meanings of the story ..being absorbed…slowly…and gradually…

The young drop  met  some neighbors and friends and retold the story to them.

Although all the drops could not reach the meanings of the story very well…yet they all agreed to take a chance and try their fates too…in hope to make a difference…

They all gathered their courage and……..jumped!

While they were falling down…they  all started smiling in the state of euphoria….shouting…Eureka…Eureka….Eureka….!!!!!!!!!!!

They realized, in no time..that all that was needed…was ..’rain’……!     !    !  ! !…! !!!!!!! ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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