Monday, 10 October 2011

My Motherland

My Mother Land is a country which means …the sacred, land….Pak ..istan.

It didn’t emerge as a piece of land on the face of globe, but as a Land Mark of individuality and integrity a nation should hold. It was not a business deal with the illegitimate owners of the time., but a struggle of freedom from all kind of spiritual, mental and physical slavery.

It was a thought that changed the fate of the hopeless. It was an inspiration that brought a revolution in suffocated atmosphere of the sub-continent.
No thought or inspiration can be compared with any other thought or inspiration…every single change that happens on the face of earth shows the handiwork of the Divine behind it. So the soul of the newborn land was originally very pure and other words...

The Founder of this land, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was not the one who found it., but also the leader, the builder, the thinker and the soldier, who actually won this sacred piece of bread, through the truth of his spirit and motivations.

The birth of Pakistan is not based on the grounds of hatred. On the contrary, it was for love, self-esteem, originality and better future of the suppressed Muslims of India.

The history of the birth of my motherland marks upon the unique reasons and passions. Its foundation is laid upon many sacrifices and the migration event which was not less than any other migration event printed on the pages of history which hold the similar ground. ..i,e…a struggle against injustice, and prejudice!

This is pity that the pure spirit of the birth of this new land was brutally bruised by the hateful and the envious…even from the same brotherhood…who are still in the state of denial and ambiguity.

Similarly the country had suffered so much internal pains who have been damaging the roots of this God-Given Plant., since it has been planted…especially after the early demise of the gardener . The greed and selfishness of the rulers and care takers have made the country ..a failed state…still… dependent upon the so called world rulers. .

It is suffering from many external and internal threats apart from all kind of genuine problems .The question of shelter, food , cloth and education are still banging the sleeping consciences , actually, clinically dead under the blank sheet of unawareness and insensitivity.

The poor is getting poorer.., the rich…richer..and the ignorant more ignorant…the dead is dying and the vultures are feeding upon the deads.

Political and religious riots, have caused more damage than the calamities.

My heart is bleeding for what I see on TV everyday…and the my blood is on this page you’re reading…I can’t do anything else…against the hatred …the power mightier and darker…than..... a sacred reason and passion…called love! 


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