Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Child Find"

He spends hours and hours,
looking into the garbage.
His hungry stomach fills in ,with the odour of stinky waste,
over-powering his senses!
Every now and then, he wipes his running nose with the edge of his shabby sleeves!

His tired hands are trembling, now,
fumbling through the mess to pick up something useful!

He finds a piece of stale bread, but a more hungry, wandering dog snatches it!
His eyes are filling with tears! Soon, his dry mouth tastes another flavour!
The flavour of his tears....not a new feeling to his placid little face

Finally,he finds some stuff to fill up the open mouth of his dirty sack,
which he would empty at a junk store!

He will grow up with this never-ending routine...!

And one day,

he will be searching for something he never thought of,
.........his CHILDHOOD!

... over the pile of his wasted life!

...and will never find it! 


Dedicated the unprivileged kids of Pakistan

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