Friday, 18 November 2011

Who Am I !

When the first ageless man fell in love an ageless beauty, he was very happy ,for love opened his inner eyes and beckoned him to follow . He followed the path, blindly, following the truth of that inner voice. No sooner he took a few step, than his feet were off the ground.
He found himself flying into a euphoric zone, without wings, where his eyes could see nothing but the unmatched unbound beauty and his ears could hear nothing but the songs of joy. His mind turned into a crown of honor and his heart an unfound gemstone. His spirit wore a gleaming garment and he became invisible to all around him…

Then on one timeless day, a faceless serpent raised his head from the ground and bit on his foot with its toothless mouth, injecting a venom. The venom of separation. The poison turned his body pale, his soul blue and his heart blood red…

He left the world of indifferent people and started wandering into the wastelands of solitude. He was, but all alone!

He never spoke a word , nor did he shed a tear. His mind bearing the pain of the crown asked just one question to himself…

“Who Am I”?

Had he been ever known to himself…other than his colorless body, his restless mind and his aimless soul..

Who was he and why was he there….!

It was a moment less hour when his soul first time tasted his tears…

He never knew that his heart was enflamed!

When the voiceless lonesome vastness didn’t speak..he returned to the world of voices.
Voices. wrapped into melancholy, dwelling in the depth of spirits. He could
hear the cry of pain and death on the faces of..young ,old, newborns and on those yet to be born. He could see the longings dressed in rags and smudged in tears, sweat and blood!

He at first shut his eyes then opened and spread his arms like the wings of hope and hugged them all. Until his spirit got drenched with the deepness of sorrow. Though the paleness of his body didn’t go away, yet the blueness of his soul was gone, for ever!
He never shed a tear again, rather collected them inside his heart as the priceless pearls of self knowledge.

Another timeless day , someone told the story of that ageless man to the ageless beauty he fell in love with. She felt very sad and ashamed for what suffering she had caused to the man who love her. Poor fellow who had lost himself and the world around him.

She longed to see him and traveled far and away to reach the man in a nameless town. She found him sitting under a timeless tree with his eyes closed, enchanting the wordless rhymes of love and hope.

She came closer and closer to him and very softly unveiled her beautiful face to him. Then in a very sweet voice she uttered these words”Look…I ‘m here!”.

The man raised his head, opened his eyes and looked deep into her eyes as if his gaze had passed through them and got lost in  a yonder vastness of nothingness..far beyond their charm.

After a long, speechless silence, he asked gently.”Who are you?”.



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