Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Artist And A Clown

He was not a very good artist yet he was able to make some admirable paintings with the touch of his soul . The edge of his brush would work like a sculptor’s knife to carve the craft. His colors would blend a rainbow of expression on the heart of canvas. With his skill he was not only able to turn a natural view into an adorable piece of art, but to blow  life in his portraits. Actually his portraits were the main source of his income. Most of the other paintings were all stacked in a large closet behind a shabby curtain , inside his messy apartment. He new perhaps he would never be able to sell them.

There were filled and empty color tubes, bottles of oil and varnishes and dirty rags scattered all over the place . Some times he , himself looked like a piece of surplus item lying motionless on the floor .This happened when he had cast a last look on his finished art work and had signed his scribbling signatures at the bottom of it.

There was no room left to take a breath of fresh air in that arid place, except in the world of his imaginations!

The Artist was equally disappointed for his present and future , yet he was happy and content with life. Only he had to have a part-time job to meet his expenses.

One day he happened to visit a gallery , which was run by one of his old friend. He convinced him to add some spice to his artwork to make it commercially acceptable.

Doing so opened a new vista of hope and expectation.

It took some time , but he became quite popular in the town. .He had had to move to a better and spacious place. He had had to hire an artist  to join him to meet the excessive demands. His life became so busy that he could hardly find the moments of leisure to think or really imagine. He was not happy!

One day he went to an entertainment show to make him feel better and found an old artist friend who gave up his career to become a clown. They went to a coffee place and talked.

His friend still with his make-up on had a big smile touching his ears. The Clown asked him.”Why do you look so unhappy to me!” The Artist told him the whole story. 

The Clown listened to the story with keen interest and then he opened his painted lips once again.” You know my friend! I paint my outer self to entertain people, but you have painted your inner self…! You have become a Painter. You are not an Artist, anymore!”



  1. Just another great story from my favorite of all the writers! You are a great story teller..! I don't really know what to say about this piece.. All I'm gonna say is, " Don't let your inner artist become a writer!" You craft your words so beautifully that reading your work had become an addiction for me!! Keep writing!:) :)

  2. You have really humbled me..I don't know what to say to the one who himself is such a wonderful writer...! I will take your advice Inshallah! :)