Friday, 18 November 2011

The Madman Of A New Town

Once, there was a town, newly built with all kind of new development in it. It was beautiful but not peaceful.At corner of a street, there used to live a man, shabby and old who used to mumble all day. When he had no words , He used to chew on his food , given by the passer bys.

Only sometimes people could hear him clearly as he used to say something like this pointing his fingers to where..

Stop whining about the your resources..
Stop digging more the endangered species..
Stop your space the poor and starving…
Stop your nuclear race…save the environment..
Stop building tall the civilization..
Stop yelling about the the honour..
Stop fighting about lives..


He would scream…

Or else ..the whole town will be changed into museum…for no one to visit….

He would bow down…

Save souls…before my extinction..

People didn’t  pay attention to what he had to say as he was called the “Mad Man”. What on earth this mad man is up to…! .They would wonder.

One day when the man Man was talking to himself, a young man passed by. He recognized his voice and found him to be his old teacher. He insisted him to go with him, but the Mad Man refused to leave the spot.

One day the Mad Man was found dead and was taken by the young man who found many more of Mad Man’s pupil to join.

They buried the Mad Man with great honour.
One of his pupil who was a sculptor, made his statue. Some other wrote his biography.

After a few years, the Mad Man was regarded as the “Wise Man”. His words became quotes.
A few more years passed by …and ..some started worshiping his statue. Some his words..but no one followed him…


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