Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Picture Of Me

It’s so hard to define ‘me’ as an icon that truly symbolizes someone as a person as seen from one’s own eyes. It’s certainly much more than taking a picture of one self in the mirror. (The above one is my mother's, though, painted by me!)

All our lives we see our selves through mirrors and through the eyes of people around us.
When asked to give opinion about ourselves, we start rolling our eyes and fall short of words for us.

I think it would be just worthwhile to sometimes attempt to describe ourselves in our own words to make it easier for others to understand us.

I recently learnt through a workshop, precisely on ‘Conflict Resolution’that our personalities are like icebergs. Only a small proportion of our personalities is above the surface of water while the rest of us is sunken deep down the sea. It’s not inevitable that we might not have discovered ourselves completely, because every stage in life and every new experience reveals something new and unfamiliar within ourselves.

I won’t be taking long, but would like to sum up my self within the frame of a few perspectives which is me at this very particular stage of life.

I don’t know if I really reflects my astrological qualities, because it can only be evaluated by the close family members, my husband, my kids ,my brothers and a few close friends who might have had read about the Sagittarius woman. I personally know that I’m just a human with qualities and their counter version in the same person. Me!

It would, however , be inevitable to add that I found the book of Jean Dixon "Yesterday, Today and Forever!" a quite worthwhile 'read' to understand someone or a cautious level! (Again the book was gifted to me, by a dear uncle!)

One thing for sure is, that  YES!...I'm like my parents. I think and behave in the matter they have brought me up with. The values they have cultivated in me are just as in-separable , as the genetic part of them. Both of my parents possessed the passion for knowledge. They helped and encouraged me to participate in many literary competitions, like essay writing, speeches and performing, at different academic levels, and platforms. The other precious value I learnt from them"Humanity"! They also showed us , me and my dear brothers who have been the best part of my childhood.....that contentment and thankfulness is necessary ,along with wishful thinking!

It would be worth mentioning, that I have this tendency to participate in any given competition, 'without the sense of competition'. I just have been trying to present 'best ' of 'me' at that time, only! Luckily I've been winning prizes and awards in academics, literary trials and Art.

I would like to admit that every 'subject' I got encountered with, have added to my opinion and reasoning, all through my life. It could be an in-born sensitivity or 'fertility' as one of my mentors commented, once. Formally,I studied a branch of Biology, at Masters level...(It has nothing to do with 'Mastering', though! :)
Computer...and Visual Art (Fine Art). (I feel/wish, I could have been in Medical research field, had I been having an option to continue my studies..)

I strongly believe that our FATE plays an ultimate role in shaping our personalities, coupled with the opportunities life offers or takes away...apart from our strong bonds to the atmosphere and circumstances, we're born into.....

Schooling and then teaching, at convent schools , is a part of my life which canNOT be detached from my life or my 'person' ever...the best thing I learnt there is Mercy...and this belief that we all have our 'Special Places' in this world...our very own Niche!
All destined and pre-planned by the Master-Mind!

I have a passion for learning, especially those whicht directly concerns human nature and his ethnic behavior. I like to express myself through my art, paintings and poetry and like to discuss views on various related topics. I’m not very social, yet I have a very special corner for those I deem as friends.

I keep on discovering my own self and in this process I sometime become un-understandable to others. When misunderstood , I feel like hibernating alone and don’t want the disputes to flare up, because I tend to encounter the issues with honesty and grace only, yet unavoidable unpleasantness might find a way! I think the bitterness of the Truth cannot be sugarcoated...and unavoidable consequences can either be faced or forgiven, generously!

I've been trained and 'tamed' (lol) a lot, by my husband and kids. They are the real boon from Allah Almighty! I'm certainly nothing without them!!
Religion is important to me and I keep try pondering upon and practicing it. I like to exchange thoughts about world religion and myths, at the same time. I'm very interested in the 'Original Islam', unmasked by the unnecessary  ornamentation of extended interpretations. I believe the Original Islam conceals the secret of salvation of humanity and can bring people close to each other. (Hope you'll take time read me essay "My Religion" and a story" Muhammad was a Message of Mercy")

Thank you for reading about me. I know it’s not a whole picture. I encourage you to discover the rest on your own!

Love and Prayers!



  1. It was really nice to read about you, and finally seeing your picture!!:) :) I wish you all the best for your future..!:) God bless you!

  2. Thank you so much. God bless you too!