Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Toy Maker

The toymaker was drowned in his work of making toys. He had all the necessary tools to carve his wooden toys. He had gathered all kind of different pieces of wood from different trees around the town.

His hut was wooden and just like many other things in the hut, he himself appeared to be made of wood too…with the shriveled bark all over the surface like an old stem of the tree…yet very new , soft and productive from the inside.

If someone could see his cross-section, could see all layers of growth and prudence inside him. All the concentric circles had different radii ,marking time and experience. There were marks of new branches emerging out from nowhere, spreading around like seasons of new dimensions on the vastness of skies…

His eyes were like a microscope which could cut deep through the cleavages of the wooden pieces, cutting and carving them like diamonds…

The whole town adored him, because for them he was not a toymaker but he was …a Joy Maker…!

Each toy he carved was a message of joy for he family, as it used to bring laughters and smiles to the kids of all ages. The whole town valued his presence in the town because he had brought a good name and a lot of business to their town.

One day a fairy saw him working so diligently that she forgot to fly for a while .She decided to grant him something special. The Toy maker was so busy in his work that he could not take notice of the kind fairy, but when he did he became overjoyed as he had never seen such a beautiful flying doll. He wished if he could carve one out of his wood.

The Fairy smiled sweetly and granted him the was the gift of real joy…that every child who would play by the toys made by the Toy Maker should be filled with the real happiness…

The Toy Maker carved  a wooden fairy later on , but he carved  it not fore sale . It was for himself only to be an inspiration.

Ever since the fairy kept her presence, full of enchantment around the Toy Maker…inspiring him with her magical smiles..

Time changed and the Toy Maker grew very old. The ageless fairy was still their, youthful and pretty as ever..
One day she decided to grant another gift to the Toy Maker for his honesty and hard work.

She sent him into the future world…!

The Toy Maker became young and hansom , again.He became overjoyed in the world full of glamorous temptations. His work earned the same attention and popularity in the new world too, but people of that time regarded his toys as crafts only.

The Toy Maker thought of trying new ideas, every other day. Within no time he became the most successful businessman in town.He started wearing the expensive dresses full of pockets. He even forgot to thank the fairy.
It was the new age when people actually forgot thinking about their children .They were not concerned to the truth of real happiness. They only wanted to keep their kids busy so that they could enjoy their own lives, more independently.

It was the time to play with people and their hearts..and their own selves…The meanings of joy was changed for actually became the toy in the hands of many Toy Makers..

The Toy Maker was no more the Joy Maker now..His toys lost the touch of innocence and enchantment..He became fed up of his business of craft-making with his hollow wood..and opened a factory for making toys for adults..

He almost forgot the fairy and the fairy never came back!


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