Friday, 18 November 2011

The Love Of A Poet

“If I could gather all the dew drops from the laps of morning leaves ..I would wash all the tear drops from your lonesome eyes…

If I could have all the fragrances from the noon’s flowers …I would spread them on your lovely face like a kiss of an unforgettable smile…

If I could collect all the stars from the night sky..I would lay them at your feet so the pathways you walk upon would never be dark again..

If I could take all the cozy winds in my arms I would make them embrace you to take away all the sorrows of the life..

If I could get all the rain showers in my hands I would make them lavish the love upon you so that you get drenched in it…

If I could mix the calm of the dawn and the colours of dusk ,I would paint your that you’ll never leave me ever after…”

The Poet was spilling his feelings on the  hearts of papers with the sincerity of his soul.
He himself was sitting in a dark room lit with a small candle weeping the tears of wax.
He was writing all that with the eyes full of  sadness and tears which were constantly dripping on  the paper washing away his words, but his feelings were so abundant that he couldn’t stop even for a while.He was adding and more to fill the loneliness of the paper though he himself was so lonely that his heart was aching with the pain of loneliness. His mind was so occupied that he couldn’t hear the sound of rain outside the window which always bring smile on his lips. He had a bouquet of dried roses on his table ..the flowers he bought for his beloved a few days ago and couldn't give her..

Next day he summoned all his courage and strengthened his blind faith upon his true love and sent his message to her.

Her beloved looked upon a few sentences , immediately crumbled the papers and threw them away. She wrote something and sent it back to him.

The Poet opened the letter and read this message  “It all shows how helpless are you !!!”


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