Friday, 25 November 2011


The automated fire alarms were deafening!!!!!

Finally the  fire trucks came and went back ,declaring everything safe in the rental building. The building was new, the  fire alarm were extra sensitive and the management too skeptical! All tenants were equally careful and concerned about their new homes. Some of them knew each other already because they used to live in the neighborhood for years.
After a while the evacuated building started getting its resident back in place. Some neighbors gathered in the lobby and mostly in a small adjacent hall. Many voices were amalgamated like the smokes of different substance fires in a laboratory.

“These deafening alarms!!!”
“ I hate alarms!”
“Me too..”
“People are irresponsible…”
“Who pushed the fire button..”
“Not me..”
“Which floor..”
“Not mine..”
“ Thanks we have a fire station nearby”
“ Everything is fine”
“Nothing to worry about”
“No fire signs”
“Thank God”
:“I don’t believe in God”
“Me too”
“We must follow the rules”
“Rules makes us safe”
“We must respect each other”
“Respect is safety!”
“Respect is in every religion”
“What religion!”
”I don’t like religion”
“ Me too”
“Too many religions”
“Diversity is divine”
“What is divinity”
“ I don’t like rules”
:“Me neither!”
“ Management is too strict”
“ I don’t like the manager”
“I don’t like the tenants”
“Who threw the garbage from the balcony!”
“Not me”
“We must recycle”
“This planet is full of garbage”
“This world is old”
“This world stinks”
“ Where to dump”
“ Buy less, eat less”
“ What to eat “
“What not to”
“Become vegetarian”
“waste, less”
“ Don’t keep more than you need”
“Feed the starving”
“Natural disasters”
“Un-natural disasters”
“ Child abuse”
“Animal abuse”
“ Resource wastage”
“ Cut down”
“Cut down trees”
“ Cut down animals”
“No sacrifice”
“What to sacrifice”
“Come down!”
“On the ground floor!”
“World is in peril..”
“This world is old..”
“This world is dying..”
“I hate alarms”
“I hate warnings”
“What warnings”
“Global warming”
“Glaciers melting”
“Polar shifting”
“Polluted mind”
“Polluted Souls”
“We need rules”
“We need spirituality”
“We need religion..”
“I hate religion..”
“ Me too!”
“Religions make humans love each other..”
“Religions make humans hate each other..”
“We need humanity..”
“We need sensibility..”
“We need training..”
“It’s never too late to mend..”
“Everything is safe..”
“Everyone is fine..”
“Nothing to worry about..”
“Lull your self to sleep..”
“No it’s late”
“It’s too late”
“Time to wake up!!!”
“Warn everyone…”
“Press the buttons…”
“Buttons are pressed..”
“No fire stations nearby..”
“No management..”
“No one responsible..”
“Do something!”
“Run for your life!”
“Be safe!!”
“ Run …Run …Run…”
“Run out of the hall!”
“Run out of the building!!”
“Run out of this town!!!”
“Run of the country!!!!”
“Run out of the World !!!!!”

" R..

The hall kept on getting suffocated by the invisible smoke...



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