Friday, 18 November 2011

The Flower Girl Of An Old Town

There was a very poor, orphan girl living in an old town who had to take care of her younger brother at the expense of sympathies of the people in the neighborhood. Both of their parents died in an epidemic and there was no one else in the family to be responsible for their living.

One day her brother fell ill and the girl started begging around in a busy lane to help meet the expenses of his treatment. She used to spend hours and hours but was still unable to raise enough money.

One night she had a dream of some beautiful flowers smiling and whispering “A life for a life!”

The dream was so vivid that when she opened her eyes she was expecting the bunches of flower in the room. When she didn’t find them she started looking around in the outskirts.

To her surprise she found them growing in clusters out there. She plucked them and started selling the beautiful flowers at the lane, saying; “ A life for a life”

The passer bys attracted to the mesmerizing smell of the wild flower , started giving her a few pennies in exchange.

Next day she found the cluster of flowers were doubled in number. She plucked them and started selling them at a busy lane . She worked harder and harder hiding her tears and fear behind her divine smile.

It was pity but the health of her brother didn’t improved much. He was growing weaker and weaker, day by day.

One day a wicked person snatched all the flowers from the little girl’s hand and crushed them under his shoes.

“This wicked girl is stealing the sympathies” He yelled.

The little girl became do scared that she immediately ran to her home and cried a lot.

The next day the same thing happened and people kept watching the happening silently.

She screamed aloud “A life for a life!” but no one responded.

Her brother’s health aggravated and one day he died, eventually.
One day after so many days of her brother’s death, she visited the place where wild flowers used to grow, but she found no sign of any plant there.

Then one day after so many days of her visit , she went to her brother’s grave, and found the clusters of the wild flowers on his grave, yielding the mesmerizing perfume..whispering..”A life for a life!”


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