Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Music And The Song

A Musician had collected a variety of Musical Instruments from all around the world. He wasn’t and expert player of the all of them yet he understood the language of Music they spoke. He believed the Language of Music to be a Universal Language of Peace and Harmony. He believed the diversity to be the beauty of life just like the seven motes of Music itself. So he  used to love all of his Music Instruments equally and tried to learn some of his favorite with the help of his friends.

It was a pity that the Music Instruments were not getting along with each other ,the way the Musician wanted them to be. They all used to quarrel with each other in the absence of Musician, everyone claiming that the Musician love and care for it the most.

The Musician was un aware of what used to happen in his absence .

One day he brought one of his friend who used to sing, who became so amused to see the collection of the Music Instrument at his friend‘s place. During next visit the Singer brought a beautiful Song with him and gave it to the Musician. Together they both worked on to compose a beautiful tune suitable for the Song.

It was pity that in their absence all Music Instrument started their fight again. They all became so jealous not only of each other but for the poor Song , as well.
 First of all they all didn’t seem happy on the arrival of a Song amongst them, at all. Second of all every Instrument wanted to be played  for the song instead of another.
The delicate Song was nothing but a message of Peace and Harmony in their world. It tried to settle the issue amongst the Instruments but couldn’t succeed.

That night when the Musician returned, he found all the Music Instrument with broken strings and keys and the Song was breathing its last!



  1. A very nice story again! Jealousy is really destructive... It not only destroyed the instruments but the poor song which had a message of peace..! I love the irony...:) Your stories only get better and better!:) :)

  2. Thank you Yusuf for a thoughtful review...:)